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October 2018 Newsletter

Another year of racing at Shenandoah Downs has come to an end. And what a great race meet it was!!! Despite the rain the first couple of weekends, we had a lot of good, competitive racing and a lot of fun doing it.

Everyone got into the spirit of the Lip Sync challenge and had a good time the day we recorded the video. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out on our Facebook page. Thanks to everyone who participated. Special thanks to the students from Dinwiddie County who filmed the video and did the editing.

The dinners we were able to have on a few of the weekends after racing was done for the day gave everyone a chance to hang out and visit. Something that we don’t get much time to do on busy race days. We hope to be able to do this even more next year. Thanks to everyone who helped shop, cook and clean up.

The annual meeting of the VHHA was held during the meet. Thanks to everyone who took the time to attend. We established a racetrack committee to deal with issues at the race meet. We also established a breeding program committee that will look at ways to enhance the breeding program. There were three seats open for election for the Board of Directors at this year’s annual meeting. Congratulations to Betsy Brown, Scott Woogen and Wilma Foley who were elected to fill these seats. Minutes from this meeting are available on the website,

Let’s not forget our special guest, Foiled Again. His race here was exciting but so was the chance folks had to meet this wonderful horse. Foiled Again stood patiently for hours as people petted him and had their picture taken. We thank all of the people at Burke Racing who made it possible for Foiled Again to come to our meet this year. Also thanks to Chris Shaw for bringing him and to the grooms who were so wonderful to all the people who wanted to meet Foiled Again.

We recently sent out a survey about this year’s meet. Please take a minute to fill it out and send it back. We appreciate any feedback that we get as we start making plans for next year.

Congratulations to Horse of the Meet, Peppermint Kisses, Leading Trainer, Marna Shehan and Leading Driver, Chuck Perry

Congratulation also to all of the connections of the Breeders’ Fund Winners .

Two year old filly pace- Hillbilly Camtastic

Two year old colt pace- Sketcher

Two year old filly trot- Flaming Trix

Two year old colt trot- Great Am I

Three year old filly pace-Baddabingbaddabang

Three year old colt pace- Lemonadeshine

Three year old filly trot- Shez in Orbit

Three year old colt trot- Freddie K



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