2020 Race Meet Post Times

The post times for the 2020 race meet at Shenandoah Downs is as follows:

Fridays- 2:00 PM

Saturdays- 1:00 PM with qualifiers at 12:00 PM

2020 Shenandoah Downs Extended Meet - Racing Protocols

Click here to read additional racing protocols related to this year's race meet. These protocols must be followed to participate in the meet. 

Covid Procedures for 2020

As everyone knows, this year we will be implementing procedures related to Covid 19 that have to be followed. A complete list of all the rules and procedures can be found by clicking here.

Lasix Schedule

Lasix will be administered on site by the vet. The Lasix schedule for the 2020 race meet can be found by clicking here

Direct Deposit Information


All purse checks, including stipend payments, will be made by direct deposit this year. This will be the only method to receive any payments. You must complete the direct deposit form and the W9 form and return them before you will receive your payments. These forms can be faxed to 804-655-6161, emailed to info@vhha.net or mailed to VHHA at PO Box 1603; Saluda, VA. 23149 If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Warnick at 443-463-0917 or email info@vhha.net.  Click the links below for each of the forms.

Direct Deposit Form

W9 Form

2020 Race Meet Dates

The 2020 Shenandoah Downs race meet will open on Friday, September 18th and will continue until October 17th. We will race on Fridays and Saturdays. Breeders Fund 3 year old eliminations will be held on September 19th. Two year old eliminations will be held on September 26th and the finals will be held on October 3rd. All race dates are subject to Virginia Race Commission approval.

Racing applications can be found by clicking here or contact Debbie Warnick if you need a copy mailed to you.

2020 Race Track Information & Rules



1. An application to race at Shenandoah Downs, listing all the horses you wish to race in the 2020 meet, must be submitted to the VHHA by August 9, 2020. A release of liability form must also be submitted prior to any horse being accepted.


2. Track is available for training from 5:00 am to 12:00 pm.


3. The following paperwork is required to drop in the box:

  1. A valid health certificate dated within thirty (30) days

  2. Verification of negative Coggins test dated within twelve (12) months. State law requires that a hard copy (original or photocopy) Coggins test report be on file in the racing office.

  3. Proof of EHV vaccination dated within seven (7) to one hundred twenty (120) days.


4. Race office opens at 8:00 am and the box closes at 9:30 am. Electronic entering is available.


5. Qualifiers will be held on Saturdays at noon. Qualifying times:

            2YO PACE 2:11 and  TROT 2:13

            3 YO PACE 2:06 and TROT 2:08

            4 YO AND OLDER PACE 2:04 and TROT 2:06

            45 day rule in effect


6. Draw schedule:

       Tuesday for Friday (box closes at 9:30 am)

        Wednesday for Saturday (box closes at 9:30 am)


7. Claiming races:

  1. The minimum claiming price is $4,000.

  2. All claims must be made with cash or certified check. The check must reflect the purchase price of the horse plus 5.3% Virginia sales tax. $35.00 payable to the USTA for the transfer fee must be on a separate check.

  3. All rules and regulations of the Virginia Racing Commission for claiming procedures apply.


1. All horsemen must have a signed ship in/stall application on file with the racing office prior to dropping in the box.


2. All horses must have a negative Coggins test (within one year) and EHV vaccination (within 7-120 days) on file with the racing office prior to entering the grounds. All horses shipping into the track for the first time must present a valid certificate of veterinary inspection dated within 30 days of entry with temperature on certificate. All documents must be submitted before entering the box for the draw.


3. All horses must have a valid electronic eligibility certificate through the USTA before entering to race or qualify.


4. Horsemen will be allotted stall space with the understanding that their horses are READY TO RACE. Shenandoah Downs reserves the right to ask horsemen to leave the property if they do not enter their horse or horses in a race that is available for that horse to race in. There will be no requests for stall assignments. Stalls will be assigned by lot.


5. No horses will be allowed on the grounds before Monday, September 14th. There will be absolutely no layovers allowed from Saturday Sept. 5th to Monday September 14th.


6. The Racing Secretary can revoke stall space at any time.


7. All owners, trainers and drivers or any employees of these shall obtain a license from US Trotting Association, and shall abide by all rules of the organization.


8. Any and all drivers are required to wear a safety helmet and safety vest while on the racetrack.


9. Towing of horses is not allowed.


10. Shenandoah Downs and its affiliates will not be liable for loss, injury or damage sustained by the owners, trainers, drivers or horses participating in activities on the premises.


11. Shenandoah Downs reserves the right to refuse stall space or deny access to any individual should the Administration deem it necessary.


12. No dogs, cats or children in strollers are allowed in the paddock.


13. In the event of a dispute involving the above conditions, or in the event of any special or unforeseen occurrences not covered in these conditions, the decision of the Race Secretary will be final.

Contact VHHA:

c/o Debbie Warnick
P.O. Box 1603
Saluda Virginia 23149

Phone: 443-463-0917

E-mail Address: info@vhha.net

Fax: 804-655-6161

VHHA Payment Schedule

Membership Due

January 2020 $30.00

Stallion Registration Due

January 1, 2020 $100.00

Nominations Due

March 15, 2020 for 2&3 Year olds


Sustaining Payments due

May 15, 2020 for 2&3 Year olds


Yearlings of 2019 due

May 15, 2020 $25.00


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