The 2022 Shenandoah Downs Race Meet will be held on weekends starting on September 16, 2022 and ending on November 6, 2022. The schedule is as follows.


Sept. 16 - Oct. 15:

Fridays- Post time at 3 PM

Saturdays- Post time at 1 PM


Oct. 22 - Nov. 6

Saturdays- Post time at 1 PM

Sundays- Post time at 1 PM

Breeders' Fund races will be held at Shenandoah Downs on the following dates:

Three year old pace eliminations- October 22, 2022

Three year old trot eliminations- October 23, 2022

Two year old pace eliminations- October 29, 2022

Two year old trot eliminations- October 30, 2022

Finals for all sexes & gaits- November 6, 2022

Aged races for trotters & paces- November 6, 2022

All dates are subject to Virginia Race Commission Approval


The Virginia Racing Commission has asked that we post the following information. Any licenses applied for before the meet can be picked up at the race meet. Applications can also be done at the meet.




All racing participants must be licensed by the Virginia Racing Commission and owners and trainers shall obtain a license prior to their horses running or they will be scratched by the Judges with no exceptions.

The license application and instructions may be obtained from the website www.vrc.virginia.gov by clicking on “Virginia Racing License” on the left-hand side of the homepage. An application and payment, if needed, may be emailed prior to the live meet to avoid waiting in line at the Commission office. There are no license fees and all participants will be issued a three-year license. Please note: All participants must be fingerprinted upon making their initial application and pay a $30 processing fee. Participants with a record of recently being fingerprinted in Virginia will normally not have to go through the process again. Once an application is completed, signed, and dated, it can be scanned with a completed credit card verification form, if needed, and emailed to VRClicense@vrc.virginia.gov.


Please call (804) 966-7415 with any questions concerning the licensing process or requirements.

The VRC license application is found by clicking here and the VRC credit card form is found by clicking here.



Racing applications for the 2022 Shenandoah Downs meet are now available by clicking on the link below. This form must be completed and returned by August 8, 2022. It can be mailed, faxed or emailed. Address information is on the form. As always, current coggins and EHV information must be submitted with the racing application. Horsemen that will be staying on the grounds for the entire meet can request which barn they would like to be assigned to. These requests are not guaranteed. The barn layout map can be found by clicking here. Barns D and E are for ship in only.

Listed below are links to other documents that contain information relating to the race meet. PLEASE OPEN AND READ ALL OF THEM! It is important that you know all of the rules and regulations contained on these documents.

Racing Application

VRC Medication Withdrawl Guidelines

VRC Medication Fines & Penalties List

2022 Clenbuterol regulation

Race meet news

General Rules

Race track information



Direct Deposit Information


All purse checks for Shenandoah Downs, including stipend payments, will be made by direct deposit again this year. This will be the only method of payment for all owners, trainers and drivers. If you completed the forms last year, AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED,  you must complete the Purse Authorization form. If you did not complete the W9 and Direct Deposit forms last year, or if your banking information has changed, you must complete the W9 and Direct Deposit forms.  These forms can be faxed to 804-655-6161, emailed to info@vhha.net or mailed to VHHA at PO Box 1603; Saluda, VA. 23149 If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Warnick at 443-463-0917 or email info@vhha.net.  Click the links below for each of the forms.

Purse Authorization Form

Direct Deposit Form

W9 Form