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April 2018 Newsletter

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Spring has finally sprung!! Lots of new foals are being born and racing is underway.

HHYF At Shenandoah Downs

We’re excited to announce that the HHYF will be putting on a one day event at Shenandoah Downs on September 8th. It is open for children of all ages. They will be able to do all kinds of activities that will educate them about Standardbreds and harness racing. Details will be posted on the website and Facebook as plans are finalized. We will be looking for some adult volunteers to help make this a memorable day for the kids. If you know a child that would be interested, or if you would like to volunteer, please email Debbie at

Yearling Nominations

Yearling nominations for foals of 2017 are due by May 15th. Forms are available on our website,

Sustaining Payments

Two year old and three year old sustaining payments for the 2018 Breeders’ Fund are due by May 15th. These forms are also available on our website,

Racing Under Saddle

Have you ever been to a Standardbred racing under saddle event? Make plans to come to Shenandoah Downs on October 14th and support this group as they race during our meet. If you are interested in participating in the race, please email for more information.

House Bill #1609

Thank you to everyone who wrote and emailed in support of this bill. It has now been signed by the Govenor. This bill allows for historic horse race machines to be placed at the OTB’s and Colonial Downs. This will generate additional income that will help fund our purse accounts and expand racing in Virginia. The future is looking brighter for racing!

Stallions Standing in Virginia

Gregory Pecs has been registered to stand in Virginia. He is owned by Gideon Brenneman and is standing in Tazewell. Contact Gideon at 704-539-4049 for further information.

Membership & liscense renewal

Show your support for harness racing in Virginia by becoming a VHHA member. Dues are still only $30.00. If you have not already signed up for this year, please complete the enclosed membership form and send it and your payment to Debbie.

Breeders Fund Nominations

The March 15th nomination payments have been made, and the following horses have been nominated for this year’s Breeders Fund races.

Two Year Old Colt Pace

Fast Humble N Kind (Mark Gray), Little Firm (Susan Viars), Rockabilly Idol (Katherine Smith), Rusty’s Houdini (Andrew Schiller), Sketcher (Elwood Tignor)

Two Year Old Colt Trot

Great Am I (Anne McDonald), Norman Bates (Jane Dunavant), Psycho (Jane Dunavant), Trot Away Marvin (Terry Kibler, Jim Brown, Betsy Brown), Just Get A Check (Debbie Warnick)

Two Year Old Filly Pace

Hillbilly Camtastic (Randy Jackson), Hillbilly Treasure (Hillbilly Haven Farms)

Two Year Old Filly Trot

Audree Helpbern (Arthur Hauser), Flaming Trix (Anne McDonald), J Go (Tracy Bradshaw), La Ninas Yankee (Adam Akers), Sweet Reason (Lee Hepner), Zsa Zsa Dabor (Arthur Hauser)

Three Year Old Colt Pace

Canadian Chrome (Stacey McLenahan), Cool Flying Charlie (Debbie Warnick), EZ Pass B (William Fletcher), Firm Biscuit (Randy Neal), Isle of Truth (Debbie Warnick), LemonaideShine (Susan Viars), Rock N Roll Ace (Anne McDonald)

Three Year Old Colt Trot

Freddy K (RC Dunevant), Just Kid Around (Tracy Bradshaw), Like A Wrecking Ball (Lee Hepner), Lukin Norton (Arthur Hauser), Mr. Benchmark (Jane Dunevant), Snapped (Jane Dunevant), Uncle Ike (Terry Kibler, Jim Brown, Betsy Brown)

Three Year Old Filly Pace

Baddabingbaddabang (Daniel Chansky), Chips Angel (Debbie Warnick), Cold N Chilly (Anne McDonald), Hillbilly Heartache (Hillbilly Haven Farms), Hillbilly Hope (Sharon Dotson), One Proud Diamond (Jan Nofsinger)

Three Year Old Filly Trot

Dusty’s Filly (Jane Dunevant), Half Moon Rising (Jane Dunevant), Linda C (Jane Dunevant)

Lorriella (Elwood Tignor), Outdoor Girl (Anne McDonald), Pedal Pusher (Harley Emerson), Sand InMy Trousers (Debbie Warnick), Sheez In Orbit (Arthur Hauser), The Lord Is My Shepherd (Terry Kibler, Jim Brown, Betsy Brown)

It’s never too early to get your Virginia racing license. Visit and select the Virginia racing license link.



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