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Breeders Fund Two Year Old Finalists

Congratulations to the following two year old Virginia Breeders fund finalists who will compete on October 29 at Shenandoah downs

Colt trot:

KJ All trot

Kj Dash

KJ Pro

Mean Trottin Machine

Pretty Two

Ronnie Ridge

Royal Beep Beep

Geralds A Keeper

Filly Trot:

Chinco Mayo


Gregory’s Princess

Ida Muscles

KJ Angel

Platinum Proposal

Red Doe

Rip Away

Speedy Town- AE1

Gavel High- AE2

KJ Kelsey-AE3

Colt Pace:

Ace In The Hole

B Going Away

Caviart Major

Cloggs for Real

KJ Real Deal

Petes for Real

The Marshall

Filly Pace:

Americas Miss Idol

Caviart Rachel

Caviart Sanibel

Charlottes Choice

Covid for Real

Rustys Baby Ruth


Sweet Pirate Girl

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Congratulations to the following three year old Virginia Breeders Fund finalists who will compete on October 29 at Shenandoah Downs. Colt trot: Cantab Speed Idon’tgiveachuck KJ Alexander KJ Devil KJ R

The meeting was called to order by President, Scott Woogen at 6:15 pm A. PROOF OF NOTICE OF MEETING: Proof was given that the meeting announcement was posted on the website, Facebook and at the track.

The meeting was called to order by president, Scott Woogen at 6:00 p.m. ROLL CALL: Those present by phone were: Scott Woogen, Charles Robbins, Billy Carter, Stacey McLenghan, Anne McDonald, Leon Harr

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